Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Double your pantry space

I have this old oak bookcase that doesn't really seem to fit anywhere in my home.  It was a gift from my parents when I graduated college so I didn't want to part with it.  As a result, it has resided in my formal dining room for years... empty and unused.

I love our home and there are really only a few things I'd change about it.  The main thing that frustrates me is the small pantry.  Small pantry, meet empty bookcase!  After bolting the bookcase to the wall, I filled it with excess pantry items which freed up tons of space.  Next, I went to Home Goods and picked up a set of neutral curtains. A quick run through the sewing machine to take a little length off and a tension rod did the trick.

What pieces of furniture are in your home that could be re-purposed?  I took an old changing table and used the shelving for games, the top for assorted craft items and paper files.  What about an old dresser?  Remove the drawers, place boards across the supports and it makes for a nice shelving unit.

Here's the panty project.  The curtains will be ironed soon =)

 Adjustable shelving makes this great for canned goods and taller items as well.  I've used the bottom portion for larger decorations, my cupcake holder and maybe my mixer.
Curtains that have grommets allow for easy access because they slide back and forth with ease.

I used a very neutral panel because I host holiday events in this room.  For a less formal area, consider a fun print or bright color. A shower curtain might work well depending on the height of your shelving unit.

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